Spontbox News

Advertise in your Dealership with Our Improved Spontbox

July 8, 2015

Thank you from the Spontbox team for your continued support and subscription to our services. We would also like to thank our clients who have given us their testimonials and feedback. We have shared them on the homepage of our website. You can see what some of your colleagues in the industry are saying about us. If you have not yet given us a testimonial, please feel free to send us your feedback. We greatly appreciate and value your opinions.

We are very pleased to announce improvements and upgrades to our existing features. We are also excited to share some creative ideas with you on how to advertise with our Spontbox in your dealership.

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Volume Adjust

Videos on social media are produced by different sources and tools. This results in each video having a different volume level. We have made significant improvements to our volume control for the videos shown on your custom channel. As a result, all videos being displayed on your TV will now be automatically adjusted to an equalized volume. This is a very complex problem and we are the first in this industry to come up with the technology to solve it. As we continue to improve this technology please let us know your feedback. Only with your feedback are we able to continue making Spontbox better everyday.

Upgraded Ticker

Our ticker feature has been upgraded to give you the ability to display text messages on your TV screen according to your preferred schedule. Not only will you be able to display messages continuously at the bottom of your screen, you now have additional options to show messages daily at specific times or scheduled on specific dates. Reap the benefits of our improved ticker feature and choose your most convenient times for communication with your captive audience. Display your ticker messages at your preferred length of time to ensure that customers can engage and interact with this valuable tool.

Creative Ways to Advertise with the Ticker

Take advantage of our improved ticker feature in order to engage with customers in your dealership. Communicate directly with your customers to advertise your products and services, promote current deals and offerings, or to enhance your dealership’s social visibility. Here are some creative ideas to utilize the ticker to help you communicate to your customers: