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SaaS Provider Spontbox Achieves Fast Growing Success in the Automotive Market

September 15, 2015

Since its launch in June 2014, Spontbox has grown to acquire more than 100 clients, with their service spanning across multiple car makers in North America. The company’s solution provides a customized TV channel for its clients by integrating social media content from product manufacturers and third-party reviewers.

Available in the U.S. and Canada, Spontbox gives dealerships the opportunity to promote their products and services and engage their customers using their TVs located in showrooms, waiting areas, and customer lounges. Clients can add content from social media sources including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, combined with customizable media feeds from reputable entertainment and news sources.

“Our clients recognize the benefits of showcasing their own custom channel rather than traditional TV programming where their competitors can advertise,” said Spontbox president Mo Nasseri. “Educational content that can increase consumer awareness while strengthening a dealership’s social outreach and brand image is far more valuable.”

The company has made significant improvements to their product over the past year, including adjustments to their volume control. Their service allows clients to add a variety of videos produced by different sources, which has resulted in each video having a different volume level in the past. However, the improved technology can now automatically adjust the volume levels of each video to an equalized volume. Spontbox is the first in the industry to solve this problem.

Over the past few months, Spontbox has found an increase in their number of new clients from General Motors (GM) due to their Standards for Excellence (SFE) program. As part of one of the requirements of GM’s bonus program, the concierge board requirement calls for participants to have a concierge board to greet customers when they arrive at the dealership. The product’s ticker feature fulfills this requirement as it allows users to compose and display custom text on the bottom of the TV screen including welcome messages, scheduled appointments, ongoing store promotions, and dealership information.

“We have clients from various car makers who have already been using our product as a concierge board for their dealerships with much success, even though our existing solution extends far beyond that,” said Nasseri. “We are well positioned in meeting GM’s concierge board requirement and will continue to monitor client feedback so that we can better align our product to our customers’ needs.”

Spontbox provides a solution that extends the use of existing social media content, benefiting their clients’ marketing and advertising efforts. Spontbox currently supports YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and plans to expand its offerings to support additional social media sources. The company intends to increase the reach of its technology and will continue to extend its service to retail and service providers.