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Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet for Spontbox: Which Should You Use and Why?

October 4, 2016

As we approach the last season of the year, the Spontbox team would like to thank you for your support and continued subscription to our services. We would like to provide you some insight on how to make the best use of your Spontbox receivers.

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Spontbox Recommends a Wired Ethernet Connection

Our customers have the option to configure their internet connection either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet. While it may be more convenient to connect your Spontbox to Wi-Fi, a fixed Ethernet connection offers more advantages for our plug and play device. Wi-Fi is susceptible to more interference than a wired connection due to countless environmental factors. Other wireless devices in your store can interfere with the signal, as well as nearby routers using the same channel. The physical environment can also cause problems, such as the box’s distance to the router. Also, depending on the quality of your router workload can affect the performance of the router and slow down its response time. The strength of your Wi-Fi network connection can fall and rise and your signal may be stronger in some places than others. The result is inconsistent performance. This is why we recommend you use an Ethernet connection for a more stable connection, faster speeds, and no wireless interference problems.

Sign Up for Your Free Training Session

The Spontbox team is offering free private online training sessions to help our customers learn more about how to manage and optimize your Spontbox account. This session will be held online through an audio screen-sharing experience.

You can book a 20 minute session with us if you or anyone on your team wants training. If you are interested, please call or email us with the date and time you prefer. We will arrange and confirm your session on a first come, first serve basis. More details will be provided once we have confirmed your time slot.

Available times are:
Monday – Friday

We are scheduling training sessions according to the Eastern Time Zone.

Get Rewarded for Your Referrals

Receive a free gift on us! For every referral that you make to any of your auto dealership contacts that results in a Spontbox sale from a new client, we will send you a $50 Starbucks or Amazon gift card (your choice) as a token of our appreciation.

Share Your Spontbox Experience

We want to see how you use Spontbox in your business! Send us pictures or videos of your custom channel in action to info@spontbox.com and we will feature them on our Facebook page. Tell us about your Spontbox user experience and how we can better serve your needs with this brief online survey.